Paul Fenwick

I see absolutely no reason to begin work knowing exactly what is going to happen. I want to be surprised during the creative process and also long after the event. This can only be achieved by working quickly, intuitively and in the moment, avoiding reliable techniques and knowing when to move on to something else.

Paint is a material that can convey much more than just visual information, when understood and used with feeling. Like playing music, it is not just about playing the right notes in the right order. Painting without feeling becomes an exercise in pure technique and ultimately means nothing.

Exhibitions/Art Fairs:

Recent Paintings
Magdalen Road Studios, Gallery8
Oxford, OX4 1RE
June 9th-17th

Sat 9th 11am -5pm
Sun 10th 11am -5pm
Thur 14th 11am - 5pm
Fri 15th 11am -7pm
Sat 16th 11am -5pm
Sun 17th 11am -5pm
or by appointment

The Other Art Fair Bristol, Sept
The Other Art Fair London, Oct
Studio 53 Salisbury, Apr
Fusion Art Market, Oxford, Mar/Jul/Nov

SOCA Oxford
Brighton Art Fair
The Jam Factory, Oxford
Veronica Stewart Arts Trust, Studio 53, Salisbury
"Dis-Locate" Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford
Oxford International Art Fair
"The Waiting Room", 44AD, Bath

Flux, Royal College of Art, Kensington
Frome Art Fair, Rook Lane, Frome
"CHROMA", Studio 53, Salisbury
The Other Art Fair,Bristol

"Linear", Studio 53, Salisbury
Cultivate Gallery, Vyner St, London

“Eight”, Smith & Williamson, Salisbury
“New Visions III”, Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol
“Recent Work”, Studio 53, Salisbury
“Red Revised”, Cultivate Gallery, Vyner St, London

Fringe Arts Festival, Bath
“Figure One”, Studio 53, Salisbury

Store Street Gallery London
“Hidden Portraits” View Gallery, Bristol

Visits to my studio can be arranged by appointment. There is parking available at the studio.

Please contact me at

Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford, OX4 1RE